Tuesday, February 5, 2019


2019 is Off to a GREAT Start in PM Kindergarten

We have been busy in kindergarten with lots of fun, deeper thinking and more academic challenges that the kids are ready for! I am very proud of all that they have been doing and it is fun to see them growing right before my eyes! Thank you for all the work you do with your child at home as well. I hope you are impressed with the growth in their reading. Every single child in this class has made great progress from where they were in August and we still have months to go in the school year! Thanks for being a partner with me and helping your child soar. We have been setting our reading goals and practicing our Reading Super Powers. The kids are able to recognize which of the strategies they are using to unlock new words. I love their excitement about reading! 

Upcoming Important Dates:

Kindness Week at GRE: Feb 11-14
  • Legend Wish Week Change Challenge
    • Change brought in will support Legend’s Wish Week recipient
    • Change will be collected by classroom teachers Monday, February 11th-Thursday, February 14th using baggies provided by Student Council
    • Student Council will collect change each afternoon and total each classroom’s donations
    • The class who donates the most change throughout the week will earn a Pizza Party
  • GRE Spirit Days
    • Monday: Team Kindness (Sports Day)
    • Tuesday: Kindness Comes in all Colors (Rainbow Day)
    • Wednesday: Kindness is Our Superpower (Superhero Day)
    • Thursday: Kindness is the Gold Rush Way! (GRE and Legend Day)
  • Cram the Cruiser (click here for the flyer)
    • Food donations will be collected in the atrium
    • All donations will be used to fill backpacks for kids in Parker
    • The backpacks are filled with enough food to get kids through the weekends when they do not have access to nutritious meals from school
Thursday, February 14: Valentine's Day (bring your Valentines and a box or bag)
February 15th and 18th- NO SCHOOL for PLC and President's Day


We have been full speed ahead with the idea of addition since we started our second semester. We have been experimenting with number sentences and seeing how parts add up together to make a whole. We use Math Tiles to discover our own number sentences that add up to a specific number. This is a great hands on math activity that lets them visualize the concept of addition. Here is an example of what your kids can do when they begin to see patterns in addition independently! 

Happy 100th Day of School!

We celebrated the 100th Day of Kindergarten on Friday, February 1st! SO much fun! 

Their 100 collections were awesome and have made our hallway so festive! 

We also wrote about being 100 years old. We talked about this for awhile and I did not let anyone share out loud what their response was. I just wanted to see what came into their little minds when they were asked to finish this sentence: 

When I am 100 years old I will: 

(have $1,000,000 bucks)
(yippee and wow!) 
(have hair to my hips)

(take care of my kids)

(I will be way older) 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

     Welcome to the second semester of PM Kindergarten! 

 Upcoming Dates to start off the year: 

      Monday, January 7: Second Semester begins
      Friday, January 18:  No school (Teacher Professional Development) 
      Monday, January 21: No school (MLK Jr Day)
      Friday, February 15: No School (Teacher Professional Development) 
      Monday, February 18: No school (President's Day) 

Our Holiday Party was a success thanks to all of your help, donations and your participation! Hope you had as much fun as the kids did! 

The SUN & The Earth

The kids learned a lot about the sun and the Earth during our Science unit in December. We used this opportunity to read non-fiction books, use our research website called PebbleGo and watched short video clips on BrainPopJr and DiscoveryEd to enhance our leaning! The kids were able to write, illustrate and speak about their new learning. Here are a few of their writing samples from their Sun Non-Fiction Books that we created in class. 
Without the sun we wouldn't be able to survive.
The sun is the center of the solar system. 

The sun is a hot ball of gas. 
The sun gets very hot in the middle. 

The sun gets very hot in the middle. 
A sun is a star. 


We continued to practice our reading Super Powers individually, in partners, in our reading groups and as a whole class. We are learning many ways to help us unlock words and feel successful on our own. I was very impressed with the growth that I saw when I had the opportunity to read with each of the kids one on one during my testing days. I am so proud of how far they have all come and look forward to watching them soar even more this semester. Keep up the daily reading at home. Your partnership in teaching them to read is evident. They are all doing great! 


Everyday we spend time counting and developing number sense. We have been graphing, exploring the calendar, working with geometric shapes, practicing greater than and less than concepts, and striving to write farther to 100. We also have begun to talk about word problems and matching that problem with a number sentence. We will begin our next unit which incorporates measuring. Look for a new page on number sense in the homework folder. I will be updating that when the kids return....please don't fill it in at home...we will do that in class. Thanks! 

Friday, November 23, 2018

November was a BUSY month!

Thankful for my GREAT class and their families! 

Hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday break! 
Mr. Tremaine with the boys! 

Mrs. Padrnos with the girl pilgrims! 

We also researched about Veteran's Day on Brain Pop and on Pebble Go which are two age appropriate non-fiction sites that explain things in a way that makes sense to my young students. We made flags to celebrate the day!

 Writing and Reading

In writing we have been continuing to write about a variety of things to keep up our skills of sounding out words phonetically and becoming more confident writing independently. The kids have been writing about things in their lives, bats, Thanksgiving, new learning and reflections about a book. In reading, we have been continuing with our Lucy Calkins reading lessons that help the students understand and unlock their "Super Reader" powers. This has been a lot of fun and a creative way for kindies to understand reading strategies in a way that is meaningful to them. We even have a little song that goes to the original Spider Man theme song tune called "Super Reader." Here are some of the powers we have been learning about: Pointer Power, Snap Word Power, Partner Power, Picture Power, Re-read Power, and Sound Power. Here are a few pictures from our day where we wore Super Hero Shirts! We also continue to appreciate all the parent support during our reading groups which is an important part of our daily reading program. Thank you for reading with your child every night at home. It makes a difference! Finally, this class really loves to have independent reading time where they can choose free choice books, read their song books and ABC books and their colored level books. They are growing and learning daily! 

In math we have been practicing  a variety of skills. We have been graphing and gathering data.  We have practiced calendar skills and leaning all the months of the year. We have worked on greater and less than and Longer/shorter concepts. We count daily together with math movement! I am betting most everyone can count by 10s by now! Ask your child and see! We are still working on number sense and writing the numbers correctly and higher each time that we try! We have also been working with shapes and learning more than just the basics. We have introduced hexagon, pentagon, trapezoid and more. They have enjoyed working with the "Fill the Hexagon" gameboards and the pattern block i-pad app.

TECHNOLOGYDuring the past month we had our first co-teaching Tech rotation with Mrs. Fleet where we learned how to use the app ChatterPix and upload to SeeSaw. Hopefully you have been able to log on to see the variety of things that the kids have uploaded to share with you. If not, let me know and I can get that access to you again.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Fall has officially arrived! 

     With the ending of fall break and the weather that has arrived in Parker, Colorado...it is clear that fall is upon us! I spent some time on the final day of break changing the kids seats around, replenishing markers and sharpening pencils. Each new quarter brings changes and more opportunities for learning! I am so impressed with how much my students have already learned and I look forward to seeing what they can do this quarter! 

What have we been working on in class?? 

We have been diving into our new reading lessons in the Lucy Calkins We Are Readers series. We have been learning what good readers do and how to read independently by looking at pictures, searching for words we know, making inferences, and using our phonic skills to unlock some unknown words. We have been reading independently with our book envelopes and with books of choice. We have practiced in groups and with partners. We are learning how to make great connections with literature and that we are ALL readers...no matter where we are in the process! Thank you also to all our reading group volunteers. Those guided reading groups are such a valuable time for all of our students. 

I can draw a hat. 
I can fold my bed. 
I can play soccer.

In writing we finished up our whole group name study and then began trying to write all on our own. We wrote about the Digger Dash and about our Pumpkin Patch field trip. We also did a short author study on Todd Parr and made an "I Can" book. Here are a few examples of work done completely by the kids. SO much to celebrate in these three pages! We will now spend time focussing on writing about small moments in their lives. 

In math we have been concentrating on number sense, writing our numerals, patterning, graphing whole group questions, exploring with the math materials and how to count in a variety of ways. 

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Digger Dash