Sight Words

Sight Word Lists
Sight words are meant to be memorized and not "sounded out".  I have attached the 100 most frequently used words in the English language.  Learning these words will help your child read.  You can print out a list and choose a few words to work on each week. 

Sight Word Cards 1-25
Sight Word Cards 26-50
Sight Word Cards 51-75
Sight Word Cards 76-100

Sight Word Practice Activities: 
1.  Write each word and then read it.  Use a favorite pen, crayon, chalk, paint, etc.
2.  Write each word and then chant the letters.
3.  Look for the words in a book.
4.  Make note cards with the words and practice reading them over and over.
5.  Stomp, sing, whisper, or clap the letters to each word.
6.  Turn out the lights and shine a flashlight on the word to read them.
7.  See how many words you can read in 2 minutes. 
8.  Write a sentence, letter, or story using the words.