Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Check out these wonderful Egg Drop and Marble Mover videos!
Fun to end our year with some creative, engaging projects!
Way to go everyone!
Happy Summer! 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

April Showers Bring May FLOWERS

Weeks 6 and 7 of 

It has been a busy two weeks and the final two weeks will be full of more learning opportunities and some fun experiences! Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! My students are all so very lucky to have incredible moms! 
Here are some fun images from our past two weeks: 

Trying out a CHOICE TIME sight word activity

Happy 6th Birthday!! 

Someone sent me flowers for Teacher Appreciation week! 

Practicing Sight Words by jumping on them!

Incredible Chalk Art with the Krauses

Jay made Chalk Paint with the recipe found on CHOICE TIME! 

ZOOMING with our whole class during a Tuesday meeting

PE time!
Thanks cutie! 

SO proud of ALL the hard work the kids continue to do at home every, single week!!
Keep it up!! Two more weeks! Finish strong! 

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Weeks 4 and 5 of Remote Learning

Rocking the Remote Learning 

So impressed and thankful for all of the work my families are doing at home to keep your kindies engaged and growing! Thanks for getting them on SeeSaw, Zoom and FlipGrid so that we can all stay connected as a community and class. I know this is not always easy so thank you for making it happen! Thanks for sending me pictures of their successes and projects! Here are some images from the past two weeks. 

Earth Day

Kinsley and Ian dyed their hair green for Earth day and made Earth shaped cookies to celebrate! 
Emery planted some flowers and Sadie and her sisters wished their neighborhood a 
Happy Earth Day! 

Jay's caterpillar's changed into butterflies! Kinsley and Ian also got caterpillars to observe this cool process! 

Loved seeing so many videos about exploring with Inclined Planes on Friday!

Great job in Reading Groups practicing Mental Images. Here is Olivia's GREEN GIANT! 
Jay and his brother made the Giraffes from the Choice Time Tab on our Kindie Remote Learning Website! I love these!
Keep up the great work KINDIES! I am so proud of you!! WOOHOO!! 
Here are Mrs. Padrnos' dogs! Derby become a big brother to TEDDY this weekend. They are both Westies! 
Enjoying the SUNSHINE! Have a great week!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Week Three of Remote Learning

The Third Time is the Charm

     What fun it was to see everyone on our first ZOOM class meeting on Friday! Wish it was in person but we all loved being able to connect LIVE at the same time. Loved hearing your news and all that you chose to share! Miss you all. Here are some great images of our friends learning from home and a few celebrations! 

First lost tooth for this cutie!! 

Sisters on the Nature Scavenger Hunt with their new puppy! 

Such beautiful weather last week. Hiking was the PE and recess choice this day! 


Practicing the word sort on the driveway with some chalk! Great idea! 

Choice Time Bunny Craft for Art

Sitting next to mom as she works....working on math! Yay for getting our workbooks this week!! 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Week Two of Remote Learning

Making her own picture book! 

 Learning and Growing 

from HOME!

Someone lost his top tooth! 

Proud of everyone, kids and parents, for working so hard during our second week of remote learning. Thank you for sending me all of these fun pictures of what you are doing at home to keep the kids learning and growing! Here are some pictures of kids at home and some celebrations from the week! 
Working on African Animal Report
Great new table spot! 

It was fun to celebrate this new 6 year old's birthday on Flipgrid this week!
He has been having Life Skills lessons at home. This was a day when
he and his brother read the directions to assemble a shelf all by themselves. 

Jay ordered some caterpillars
and they will enjoy watching
these change into butterflies! 
Doing the Nature Scavenger Hunt which is an option on the Choice Time Tab! 

Congrats! Someone learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels this week!