Friday, November 23, 2018

November was a BUSY month!

Thankful for my GREAT class and their families! 

Hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday break! 
Mr. Tremaine with the boys! 

Mrs. Padrnos with the girl pilgrims! 

We also researched about Veteran's Day on Brain Pop and on Pebble Go which are two age appropriate non-fiction sites that explain things in a way that makes sense to my young students. We made flags to celebrate the day!

 Writing and Reading

In writing we have been continuing to write about a variety of things to keep up our skills of sounding out words phonetically and becoming more confident writing independently. The kids have been writing about things in their lives, bats, Thanksgiving, new learning and reflections about a book. In reading, we have been continuing with our Lucy Calkins reading lessons that help the students understand and unlock their "Super Reader" powers. This has been a lot of fun and a creative way for kindies to understand reading strategies in a way that is meaningful to them. We even have a little song that goes to the original Spider Man theme song tune called "Super Reader." Here are some of the powers we have been learning about: Pointer Power, Snap Word Power, Partner Power, Picture Power, Re-read Power, and Sound Power. Here are a few pictures from our day where we wore Super Hero Shirts! We also continue to appreciate all the parent support during our reading groups which is an important part of our daily reading program. Thank you for reading with your child every night at home. It makes a difference! Finally, this class really loves to have independent reading time where they can choose free choice books, read their song books and ABC books and their colored level books. They are growing and learning daily! 

In math we have been practicing  a variety of skills. We have been graphing and gathering data.  We have practiced calendar skills and leaning all the months of the year. We have worked on greater and less than and Longer/shorter concepts. We count daily together with math movement! I am betting most everyone can count by 10s by now! Ask your child and see! We are still working on number sense and writing the numbers correctly and higher each time that we try! We have also been working with shapes and learning more than just the basics. We have introduced hexagon, pentagon, trapezoid and more. They have enjoyed working with the "Fill the Hexagon" gameboards and the pattern block i-pad app.

TECHNOLOGYDuring the past month we had our first co-teaching Tech rotation with Mrs. Fleet where we learned how to use the app ChatterPix and upload to SeeSaw. Hopefully you have been able to log on to see the variety of things that the kids have uploaded to share with you. If not, let me know and I can get that access to you again.