Thursday, January 3, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

     Welcome to the second semester of PM Kindergarten! 

 Upcoming Dates to start off the year: 

      Monday, January 7: Second Semester begins
      Friday, January 18:  No school (Teacher Professional Development) 
      Monday, January 21: No school (MLK Jr Day)
      Friday, February 15: No School (Teacher Professional Development) 
      Monday, February 18: No school (President's Day) 

Our Holiday Party was a success thanks to all of your help, donations and your participation! Hope you had as much fun as the kids did! 

The SUN & The Earth

The kids learned a lot about the sun and the Earth during our Science unit in December. We used this opportunity to read non-fiction books, use our research website called PebbleGo and watched short video clips on BrainPopJr and DiscoveryEd to enhance our leaning! The kids were able to write, illustrate and speak about their new learning. Here are a few of their writing samples from their Sun Non-Fiction Books that we created in class. 
Without the sun we wouldn't be able to survive.
The sun is the center of the solar system. 

The sun is a hot ball of gas. 
The sun gets very hot in the middle. 

The sun gets very hot in the middle. 
A sun is a star. 


We continued to practice our reading Super Powers individually, in partners, in our reading groups and as a whole class. We are learning many ways to help us unlock words and feel successful on our own. I was very impressed with the growth that I saw when I had the opportunity to read with each of the kids one on one during my testing days. I am so proud of how far they have all come and look forward to watching them soar even more this semester. Keep up the daily reading at home. Your partnership in teaching them to read is evident. They are all doing great! 


Everyday we spend time counting and developing number sense. We have been graphing, exploring the calendar, working with geometric shapes, practicing greater than and less than concepts, and striving to write farther to 100. We also have begun to talk about word problems and matching that problem with a number sentence. We will begin our next unit which incorporates measuring. Look for a new page on number sense in the homework folder. I will be updating that when the kids return....please don't fill it in at home...we will do that in class. Thanks! 

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